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What the Functions of a Board Member entail and a brief description of the Assistant Treasurer position

  • A municipal government is a “general purpose” unit of government, exercising powers of both a governmental and entrepreneurial nature. It has residual police powers to protect public safety, health, and general welfare. By contrast, an authority exercises a limited entrepreneurial power only.
  • A municipal governing body is elected and subjects to the express wishes of the voters. An authority board is appointed and thus some distance removed from the voters. An authority can raise and spend money without reference to the immediate wishes of the electorate, while government officials raising, and spending money must face the voters at the next election.
  • A municipality has the power to tax and raise additional revenues through a wide variety of franchise fees, rents, user fees, and service charges. Authorities are limited to the revenues generated by their projects such as user charges, connection fees, and special assessments.
  • Operating under the Municipality Authorities Act, authorities are free of many of the restraints that state law imposes on the administrative, budgetary, and personnel practices of municipalities under the various municipal codes. While the Act does impose some restraints on the operations of the Authority they are not as pervasive as those included in the municipal codes.
  • Most municipal authorities concentrate on a single service while municipalities offer a multitude of services. As limited by its articles of incorporation, an authority is restricted as to the functions it may perform and is relatively free as to the methods it may use in providing those services or functions. On the other hand, municipalities have multiple responsibilities. Municipal officials are relatively free in determining the services to be rendered but they are more restricted as to the methods employed in carrying out their activities.

The Wind Gap Municipal Authority is Authority is incorporated by one municipality, the board shall consist of 7 members, not less than five, as enumerated in the articles of incorporation. The Wind Gap Borough of the WGMA shall appoint the members of the board, whose terms of office shall commence on the effective date of their appointment. One member shall serve for a five-year term commencing with the first Monday in January next succeeding the date of incorporation or amendment. If there are more than five members of the board, their terms shall be staggered similarly for terms of one to five years from the first Monday in January next succeeding. Thereafter, whenever a vacancy has occurred because of the expiration of the term of any member, the Wind Gap Borough shall appoint a member of the board for a term of five years from the date of expiration of the prior term to succeed the member whose term has expired.

The position available is for that of an: ASSISTANT TREASURERS ‑ If required by the Board of Directors, the Assistant Treasurers shall provide bonds for the faithful discharge of their duties in such form and amount as the Board of Directors may determine.  The cost of the bond, if any, shall be borne by the Corporation.  The Assistant Treasurers and Assistant Secretaries, in general, shall perform such duties as shall be assigned to them by the Treasurer, Secretary or Chair or the Board of Directors.  It shall be the duty of each Board Member to maintain regular attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors.  If a Director is unable to attend a meeting, the Director shall ask for an exception from the Chair.  The request and decision of the Chair shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.  If an exception is granted, the absence shall not be considered for purposes of removal.

If interested, complete the attached application and email to:  

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