Employment Opportunities

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    Please type and submit a "letter of interest" to the Wind Gap Municipal Authority. (Via mail or email) 16 South Broadway, Suite 3 - Wind Gap, PA 18091 What Are the Different Board Member Roles and Responsibilities? BOARD MEMBER ROLE #1: CHAIRPERSON To function effectively, every group needs a passionate leader. The Chairperson referred to as the president—serves as your chief elected officer. As the leader of your board, there are many responsibilities that this individual takes on. Here are a few duties that are commonly assigned to the chairperson: Presides at board meetings Creates a plan in collaboration with the Administrator and Plant Staff Serves as the primary point of contact for all Authority issues Sets goals and objectives with the board and ensures they are met Holds members accountable for attending meetings May take on some CEO responsibilities if the organization is comprised of all volunteers This board role must be filled by a qualified individual. BOARD MEMBER ROLE #2: VICE-CHAIR The vice-chair—also commonly referred to as the chair-elect or the vice president—generally offers support for the board chair and other leadership when needed. Think of the vice-chair...Read more